Maendeleo-African Youth Empowerment is non-profit organization with a prime focus on youth issues. The organization is based in Sweden, with partner organizations in East Africa. Generally, the organization works in areas in International Development, Education, Environmental issues, Gender Equality, Democracy, Human Rights, Information Access, Advocacy, Health and Sports.

The organization works with young people with a view of contributing to their empowerment and to realize their capabilities, especially children and youths living under disadvantageous conditions and thereby helping the community at large. In doing so, part of our aim is to set an example for others in helping in whatever ways possible, if not by themselves then through organizations such as Maendeleo – African Youth Empowerment.

“Maendeleo” means “development” in Swahili.

Our story

Maendeleo started in 2014 by a handful of people with a great interest in Africa and experience of development, gender equality, law and sports. Lots of great ideas were shared and soon begun the first plans of how to combine our skills and experiences into planning future projects.  The purpose is to contribute to empowerment  and boost people to enable them to realize their capabilities, especially children and youths living under disadvantageous conditions.

Maendeleo’s first commitment was in June 2016 where we successfully launched  a digital library that  will offer a school in a low income community in Kenya an access to the needed information and education resources

On our trip, in collaboration with the Kisumu Youth Olympic Centre (Kenya), and the PeerCorps Trust FundTDLI (Tanzania) we donated a server containing more than 40.000 e-books, audio and video lectures and encyclopedias and installed the server in the computer lab at St. Ignatius Loyola Secondary School in Kisumu, Kenya.

The school is located in Manyatta A, a low income area in Kisumu and considered as a slum. The digital library initiative seeks to help resource limited schools close educational gaps. The digital resources complement the existing education system by making extensive and comprehensive material available to more than 650 secondary students, teachers and staff at the St. Ignatius Loyola Secondary School.

The project was co-funded by Maendeleo and the TDLI GoFundMe Fundrasing campaign. This was the first digital library that TDLI has installed outside of Tanzania and very likely the first of its kind to be installed in a secondary school anywhere in Kenya. Maendeleo hopes to be able to set up more digital libraries in Kenya but rely on support from sponsors and donors. If you want to support the work of Maendeleo please become a member or donate your contribution at Maendeleos bankgiro in Sweden 5000-3888.